C A L I E N T E !


The First of the Legendary Caliente Safety Helmets
Countless lives and serious injuries have been avoided since the introduction 
of this type of helmet.

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Front view: 
This two inch crack down the front of the helmet was incurred by the rider hitting the ground. It takes 2000 pounds psi to crack one of these.

The interior:
 the helmet had cross straps to keep the rider's head from banging the top. It was heavily padded in the top and sides with foam rubber.

The back view: 
The scars on the helmet resulted from being kicked in the head as the  horse behind attempted to jump over the fallen horse and rider.

The Caliente Safety Helmet 

was one of the extraordinary innovations in a list of 
horse racing firsts 
born of  Caliente. Appropriately, it was the early recognition and financial backing for research by Caliente's executive director, 
John S. Alessio, that gave to racing the remarkable 
Caliente Safety Helmet.



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There was a long list 
of glittering personalities to emerge from Caliente. 
The Daily Double and the first Public Address system was developed under the inspiration of the legendary racing official 
Judge George Schilling.

The $100,000 Caliente Handicap 
was the forerunner of the now common Hundred Granders. Many great horses including Phar Lap, Seabiscuit and Round Table were just a few of the great ones who campaigned south of the border. 
Round Table passed the million-dollar mark 
by winning a Caliente Handicap renewal.

The 4 time Leading Trainer of America,
 Willie Molter, rode at Caliente and started his amazing
 training career there. 
The horses he trained are legendary i.e. Round Table, 
Determined, Imbros, etc.

Caliente fostered the early careers 
of many of the most successful jockeys in history, like George Woolf, 
Johnny Longden and Eddie Arcaro. 
Willie Shoemaker won his first national championship on the final day of Caliente's 1950 season.

True race fans flocked to Caliente for their weekend races. 
As an indication of its stature it ranked third in North America in total attendance in 1961 and fifth in purse distribution in spite of running just two days a week!


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My thanks to the 
California Thoroughbred Breeders Association

 for the factual information.