Exterminator's Memory Letter


. . . with permission

I want to thank you for your web site.

Many years ago, when I was in grade
school, I bought a book called "Old Bones the Wonder Horse" by Mildred Mastin Pace, telling the story of Exterminator,
Henry McDaniel and Mike Terry.  I read the book so many times, its pages began to tear and its paperback binding to wear thin, but I've kept it with my most treasured books all through the years.

Now my son is 8 and doesn't enjoy the reading he needs to do in school.  He loves animals as much as I do, so finally,  I went to my bookshelf and pulled out my copy of my treasured book.  The pages are old and yellowed, but the story is just as compelling.  When we got to the story of Bone's 100th race - the day he pulled up lame in the Queen's Hotel Handicap race, but refused to quit until he had finished, my son quietly put the book down, went to his room and cried as if his heart were broken.

He wasn't certain he wanted to finish the book, but I told him that he
must - that 55 years after his death, Old Bones was still making new friends and he needed to know the entire story so that he could pass this book down to his son someday.

We finished the book tonight and my son wanted to know what Bones looked like.  I suggested the internet and we found your site.  My son was so excited to see a real picture of his "friend".

Thanks so much for allowing me to share this memory with him in such a special way.

Cate Widmann and Patrick