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Author: Jani Buron

Released: May  2002 - ISBN: 0-9720755-0-X - 80 pages: 100 photos


     "Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit" is an attractive 80 page, 8 1/2 x 11 book with glossy UV cover, perfect bound, and heavy quality interior pages. It contains 100 photographs from my personal collection, including a 1948 aerial map of the Ridgewood Ranch complex.


     The cover is a rare eye-catching 1940’s photo of the familiar pillared Ridgewood Ranch main gate once welcomed visitors to the place. The Ranch panel truck is coming through it to the 101 Redwood Highway.

     Along with each of the photos is a short story line explaining the activities of the ranch residents, the Thoroughbred horses, beef cattle, roundups, dairy cows, and the things that went into making a self-sufficient and productive way of life at Ridgewood Ranch, located South of Willits, California.  C.S. Howard made all this possible with his foresight and planning, and a great investment of time and money.

     The great racehorse, Seabiscuit, who resided there, was the shining jewel in the crown of Howard's Ridgewood Ranch.


     What makes this book unique is the fact that there are few people left who lived on the Ranch during those years.  We were all fortunate, indeed, to have had the unique experience of living on this famous ranch, as children, while Seabiscuit was there. When my family left Ridgewood in 1950, my father became a Thoroughbred horse owner and trainer. That was also an exciting life, and another story!


      Seabiscuit, is the subject of the current best-seller book and movie, "Seabiscuit, An American Legend" by Laura Hillenbrand. With the immense worldwide popularity of that book and the movie of the horse’s racing years, readers are asking for more information of the life and times of Seabiscuit at Ridgewood Ranch in his retirement years, and that makes this book special. This book, "Ridgewood Ranch" will be treasured for years to come by Seabiscuit and Ridgewood Ranch memorabilia collectors.


      We are in several bookstores, including the National Museum of Racing gift shop in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I have received cards and letters of warm reviews from people across the country who enjoy the story and the ranching memories. People of all ages seem to relate to the story of children growing up on the famous Ridgewood Ranch. They want to add this book to their "Seabiscuit" collection! The history and the nostalgia move them, and they are asking for more.  I had already started writing another Ridgewood book before this one came about, and now I am continuing with that, too. I do booksigning and storytelling at Ridgewood Ranch Walking Tours in Willits, California.  Our Website will post dates and times of my events and booksignings.



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