Laura's Hillenbrand's
Trip to the White House

To Second Running . . .

"Hey Girl:

The White House was amazing.  I had no idea that I was going to get such red carpet treatment.  The event was open only to White House officials and staffers, but they filled the auditorium.  They had all read the book, and the questions were great.  People seemed to love racing; one person had just bought horses so she could try to breed a Derby winner.  The First Lady's assistant told me that Mrs. Bush wanted me to come to the screening of the movie there with the President, who is going to invite me personally.  After the address, Clay Johnson, one of the President's chief advisors and his lifelong friend, took me to lunch in the White House mess reserved for the President and cabinet officials.  I sat next to the POTUS phone.  I had a wonderful meal, then they gave me a tour of part of the West Wing  It was a great day. "